Update Task with Approval Center in Project Online – JSOM

To Update Task with Approval Center for Approval , the concept is a bit different.

Whenever a Task is assigned to a Team Member by the Project Manager, The task then has to be updated by the Team Member. But the updates first must go to the Project Manager for Approval and thus the Approval Center.

Approval Center is where the Project Manager can see all the tasks and then approve or reject the task based on the business requirement.

Now to acheive this, we need to use Enterprise Resource Entity.

Through Enterprise Resource we need to get the assigment of the user and then using submitStatusUpdates method, we can send the updates to the approval center for the Project Manager to Approve the Task.

So below is a sample code on how to update the task and send it to the approval center for approval



Reference Link: https://github.com/OfficeDev/Project-Samples/tree/master/My-Task-Checklist

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