Zerif supports a custom frontpage


Trigger SharePoint Designer Workflow using SP Services

There are times when you want to first process some information in your code and then pass those information as parameter in the workflow and start it. Fortunately you can trigger the SharePoint workflow using SP Services You will need 2 files jquery.SPServices.min.js spservices-startworkflow.js Include the below references:

Below is the code:


Adding custom colors – SharePoint 2013 Color Picker

So i will explain how i came across this Color Picker feature. The sites we develop these days have some really crazy colors which you dont normally get in the color picker. So there was a scenario where the page had text that was configurable from a SharePoint List using a Multi line Rich Text Read more about Adding custom colors – SharePoint 2013 Color Picker[…]


Export-Apply Site Template using PnP Provisioning Engine

Using the new PnP Provisioning Engine, you can model a site by configuring the design of Site Columns, Content Types, List Definitions and Instances, Composed Looks, Pages (either WebPart Pages or Wiki Pages), and much more, via your web browser. When you are done with the design, you can export what you have done into Read more about Export-Apply Site Template using PnP Provisioning Engine[…]

Solid State Drives v/s Hard Disk Drives: A Comparison

Data storage has always been one of the most research-intensive areas in the IT hardware industry and is a massive battleground for research and development. Hard drives, based on magnetic memory, themselves, can be considered a tremendous innovative breakthrough that changed the way we store and perceive data. An SSD or a Solid State Drive Read more about Solid State Drives v/s Hard Disk Drives: A Comparison[…]


Export Infopath Form to Word

To export any HTML to word you can you JQuery Word Export. Here I will show you how to convert Infopath Form to Word The JQuery requires a container containing html, but you can modify it to take the html as in input instead of the JQuery container Here is my Code below:


Add users to Person or Group – SharePoint List

Below code shows how to add multiple users to person or group column in SharePoint List using JSOM. Image: Code: