Trigger SharePoint Designer Workflow using SP Services

There are times when you want to first process some information in your code and then pass those information as parameter in the workflow and start it. Fortunately you can trigger the SharePoint workflow using SP Services You will need 2 files jquery.SPServices.min.js spservices-startworkflow.js Include the below references:

Below is the code:



Export Infopath Form to Word

To export any HTML to word you can you JQuery Word Export. Here I will show you how to convert Infopath Form to Word The JQuery requires a container containing html, but you can modify it to take the html as in input instead of the JQuery container Here is my Code below:


Add users to Person or Group – SharePoint List

Below code shows how to add multiple users to person or group column in SharePoint List using JSOM. Image: Code:



Add/Delete User from Group – Custom HTML Form Permission

Below is a sample HTML UI Page to control User Group Permission Image: Code:


Rss Feed

External RSS Feed UI Template

Note: The¬†External RSS Feed UI Template is just a template, no colors or fonts have been applied. We all know that SharePoint doesn’t allow Cross Domain data access due to the missing headers. To solve this you need to accept the information as JSONP and not JSON Or XML. But there are certain sites which Read more about External RSS Feed UI Template[…]


Birthday UI Template

Note: Birthday UI Template is just a template, fonts and colors have not been implemented for beautification. The ideal way to get the Birthdays is using search, by querying User Profile Services but due to limitation in my environment I used a Calendar. Following Columns need to have data: Title Email JobTitle EventDate AttachmentFiles (Attachments) Read more about Birthday UI Template[…]