Add/Delete User from Group – Custom HTML Form Permission

Below is a sample HTML UI Page to control User Group Permission Image: Code:


Rss Feed

External RSS Feed UI Template

Note: The External RSS Feed UI Template is just a template, no colors or fonts have been applied. We all know that SharePoint doesn’t allow Cross Domain data access due to the missing headers. To solve this you need to accept the information as JSONP and not JSON Or XML. But there are certain sites which Read more about External RSS Feed UI Template[…]


Birthday UI Template

Note: Birthday UI Template is just a template, fonts and colors have not been implemented for beautification. The ideal way to get the Birthdays is using search, by querying User Profile Services but due to limitation in my environment I used a Calendar. Following Columns need to have data: Title Email JobTitle EventDate AttachmentFiles (Attachments) Read more about Birthday UI Template[…]


Get Site Title using Rest Api

Well i needed to get the Title of site just for displaying on to a page. The below post will tell you how to Get Site Title using Rest Api With the launch of Sharepoint 2013, Microsoft provided REST(Representational State Transfer) interface which is a data service that allows you to use construct HTTP requests Read more about Get Site Title using Rest Api[…]


Follow a Video in SharePoint

Now in SharePoint, the videos are actually stored as Document Sets . And you cannot follow a Document Set. Which is why you do not get the option to follow a video. The following content types can be followed : User Document Site Tag Now we can follow a Document Set using JavaScript based on Read more about Follow a Video in SharePoint[…]


Get All Sites and Sub Sites using REST API

This post will explain you how to Get All Sites and Sub Sites using REST Api in SharePoint Online In order to get the list of sub sites from a site we need to call the below URL:

Now to get the entire site structure we will need to loop every site to see Read more about Get All Sites and Sub Sites using REST API[…]

Event Timeline for SharePoint

Event Timeline are Events are taken from the Calendar List and displayed in a more intuitive manner. I have used the timeline script from the below URL: I have added an extra column to store the image URL. Code: timeline

List:  Timeline: